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Hey there folks! Robert Santellan here and I am Your Geeky Tipster. Robert's the name and being a total geek is the game. Whether it's discussing the latest technology trends or geeking out on the hottest new and retro video games, I am your guy. I regularly review games and technology and I have been doing so for about 7 years now and with the help of my community, it has been a blast. From my days doing the Gamer Geek Review all the way to The Tech Tipster and The Game Tipster, it has been an amazing experience. And now, I am taking it up a notch with Your Geeky Tipster, the place for all things gaming, technology and just plain geeky. So I really hope you enjoy the new site and welcome any feedback you can provide.

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-Robert J. Santellan
Friday Sep 12 - Sunday Sep 14
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